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About Our Brand

We were raised in restaurants and this is Our story...

Our Mission
     Our mission is to only award franchises to those who share our passion and vision, and will therefore be great operators.  The single most important factor to achieving the long-term goals of The Drunken Crab franchise program will be the passion and quality of our franchisees.

     We’ve seen too many fantastic concepts fail because the franchisor did not practice due dilligence in the franchise award process.  Conversely, we’ve seen mediocre brands outperform expectations, because the franchisor had the commitment and vetting skills needed to recruit quality franchise owners.

​We are looking for the best of the best.

Our Brand...
    The Drunken Crab was founded with the simple goal of becoming every guest's "Favorite Neighborhood Crab Shack." The Drunken Crab brand brings the delicious traditional flavors and fun atmosphere of classic Louisiana Crab Shacks to new markets, while fostering a culture of exceptional service rooted in "Southern Hospitality," resulting in both an exceptional guest experience and great business opportunity.
    Knowing what we stand for, and passing on this essence to our guests, is paramount. These are not just words on paper: it is who we are. To provide an unparalleled experience for those who come to visit us, we must work together to make our culture known.

What is the Drunken Crab?


Meet The Drunken Crab

Head south for our "shellfish by the pound" experience! This Louisiana-style crab shack excites the palate with delicious southern spices, and our upbeat crab staff serve up warm Southern hospitality and fun.

Indulge in our large selection of local craft beers, available in sizes from pints to shareable 100oz. towers! So roll up your sleeves, put on your bibs, and get ready to have some messy fun!


Our Four Cornerstones

These are the core values The Drunken Crab was built upon. 

We take pride in the culture we've created and credit our achievements to these 4 cornerstones:

- Positive Vibes

- Southern Hospitality

- One Team, One Dream

- Have Fun!


Why We're The Best

We have created an easily implementable business model to offer our select group of franchisees.

By quickly executing delicious seafood feasts for our beloved guests, and structured to run with very low overhead, our timeless, proven concept is primed for success in markets nationwide.

Welcome to the crab shack era.

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