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"One team, one dream!"

     We will be there, because we've been there.  Our guarantee is that our franchisees  will be provided all the tools necessary to achieve their goals.  From our years of time-tested experience, we know what to expect, we are structured on how to deal with it, and we will always be there for you.


What will be included within the ongoing support?

This ongoing support may be in the form of updates to our manuals, newsletters, bulletins, written reports and recommendations, refresher training programs, and/or telephone contact.  However, nothing can replace the value of face-to-face contact, so one of our representatives may also visit you to provide hands-on support in the continued development of your business and to ensure adequate quality controls are being maintained by you and your staff.

What is the goal of a QuickStart program?

The goal of a QuickStart program is for the franchisee to feel they are strongly supported by the franchisor post-training.  The intensive coaching in the QuickStart phase can help validate for the franchisee the benefit of reviewing monthly income statements in depth, the need to track marketing effectiveness, and the value of peer benchmarking as a guide to identifying and pursuing best practices generated by the franchisee community.

Is there a corporate website that a franchisee can access?

Yes, we have established a corporate website that provides extensive information about The Drunken Crab.  Your location will be listed on this website for consumers who live in your area.  The website is a great reference tool for potential guests and a good marketing tool as well.

What other assistance should I expect to receive down the road?

We will provide you with advice and written materials concerning techniques of managing and operating your The Drunken Crab franchise from time to time, including new developments and improvements in restaurant equipment, food products, packaging and preparation, and menu items.  We will continually conduct market research and testing to determine new consumer trends and salability of new and upcoming products.  Any new developments that prove to be effective will be passed along to all franchisees.

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